Corporate Sponsorship


A strong partnership among local businesses, individuals, and not-for-profit organizations is the cornerstone of a thriving community. Business leaders understand that by investing in the communities where their employees work and their customers live makes good business sense. JFFS offers exposure to our active, philanthropic, upscale community. Benefits can focus on advertising and marketing, communications, with many options including tickets, one-on-one and speaking opportunities. We welcome the opportunity to tailor sponsor benefits to your specific interests.


View our Corporate Sponsorship Brochure to learn more about our benefit levels. 
For more information on corporate sponsorship opportunities, contact Doris Jacobson.

Jewish Federation & Family Services is a Public Benefit Company


JFFS is a not-for-profit, 501(c)3 organization. Although Jewish Federation & Family Services has the word Jewish in it, it is not a religious organization. Since JFFS is not a religious organization, it is required to file an annual 990, which we have available to view. (Religious organizations are exempt from filing a 990.) Charity Navigator lists JFFS as a Public Benefit Company. It defines charities as organizations which protects, improves, and invests in our communities by defending civil rights, conducting research in science and public policy and promoting philanthropy and social action.