Students for Justice in Palestine on Probation

Rose Project of JFFS and Hillel

Hillel Orange County, Hillel International and the Rose Project of Jewish Federation & Family Services applaud the decision by the University of California, Irvine administration to place the university's Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) chapter on probation for two years. The decision follows a three-month investigation into SJP’s disruption of an on-campus event in May 2017 sponsored by the student organization, Students Supporting Israel. That was the second event with Israel content that SJP disrupted within a year. Moreover, its leadership is on record stating that it had planned to continue to disrupt events with which it disagrees and to disregard university policy and directives. SJP’s behavior has repeatedly violated campus codes of conduct and First Amendment rights for the purpose of creating an atmosphere on campus that is divisive and inhibits learning, growth and the free exchange of ideas. The university must enforce its disciplinary action in the face of these violations of campus policy and values.

Hillel and the Rose Project have and will continue to work with the university to ensure the safety and security of Jewish students on campus and their ability to assemble without disruption or the fear of harassment or intimidation.

UCI’s statement on this matter can be found here.