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A Message from Arlene Miller, President & CEO


Today is Jewish Valentine’s Day, and there’s not a card in sight! While I didn’t really expect to see signs of Tu B’Av in my local Target, it’s a fun thing to think about. Today is Tu B’Av (the 15th day of Av), and it is both an ancient and modern holiday. Tu B’Av was originally a day of matchmaking for unmarried women in the Second Temple period (before the fall of Jerusalem in 70 C.E.). In its modern form, especially in Israel, it is becoming a Jewish Day of Love not unlike Valentine’s Day.

It seems fitting then, that this past Wednesday, July 25, Honeymoon Israel applications became available for the first Orange County trip, happening in March 2019. Through Jewish Federation & Family Services of Orange County, Honeymoon Israel provides immersive trips to Israel for local couples with at least one Jewish partner. The goal is to bring together couples who are early in their committed relationships (married or not) and to create communities of couples building relationships with deep and meaningful connections to Jewish life and the Jewish people​.

We want young families to feel welcome in the Jewish community, and we want to inspire them to incorporate Jewish values into their lives in whatever way works best for them. Honeymoon Israel is unique in its approach so that couples can have a great experience and decide on their own terms how to be involved with the Jewish community. Honeymoon Israel is a completely inclusive organization, welcoming Jewish, interfaith, multicultural, and LGBTQ couples.

Jewish Federation & Family Services brought this program to our community as part of our vision for an inspired and engaged Jewish Orange County. Along with the OneTable Shabbat programs and NextGen, Honeymoon Israel provides a way for young adults to connect Jewishly. The program is supported by people throughout the Jewish community who share our goal of welcoming and building community for a diverse range of Jewish families. If you’re interested in learning more or in supporting these programs, please let me know.

Love comes in all forms, and Tu B’Av is a lovely opportunity to celebrate that in a Jewish context.

Happy Tu B’Av and Shabbat Shalom,

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Arlene Miller

P.S. To attend our upcoming information session about Honeymoon Israel on July 31, please click here. Click here for more information about Honeymoon Israel and eligibility, or contact Cindy Jacobs, Director of Engagement,


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