UN Anti-Israel Resolution

The United Nations Security Council Resolution Condemning Israeli Settlements


Along with Jewish Federations across North America, we were deeply disappointed that the United States abstained from a vote on the one-sided, anti-Israel resolution that was passed by the UN Security Council on December 23. Read More

The Administration’s decision undermined a core principle of American foreign policy that has been embraced by Democratic and Republican Administrations for decades: that the only route to a solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is through direct negotiations between the parties.

It also upended its own principled stance against UN resolutions that isolate Israel. Just two years ago when the U.S. vetoed a similar resolution, UN Ambassador Samantha Power stated “We voted against it because we know what everyone here knows, as well peace will come from hard choices and compromises that must be made at the negotiating table.” And the Obama Administration ignored the advice of 88 Members of the U.S. Senate who urged the President in September to reject such resolutions.

President Obama has consistently supported Israel’s right to self-defense and affirmed that America has an “iron clad commitment to make sure Israel is secure.” Several weeks ago the U.S. and Israel signed an unprecedented $38 billion military aid package.

It is tragic that the Administration chose to mar its legacy of support for the Jewish State and set back the prospects for Israeli-Palestinian peace.

“One-sided UN resolutions will not move the parties closer to an agreement. Lasting peace can only be achieved through direct negotiations between the two parties,” said Richard Sandler, Board of Trustees Chair for Jewish Federations of North America.



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