Greetings From Israel

 A Message from Arlene Miller, President & CEO

Greetings from Israel. I am currently here on a Jewish Federations of North America (JFNA) mission with CEOs from a cohort of large-intermediate communities. Our goal: to better understand the future of the relationship between American Jewry and Israel through a diversity of lenses. I’m excited to share what I learn here with you once I’m back in Orange County.

It’s always a blessing and a privilege to be in Israel—and it’s an especially interesting moment in time to be here, during the waning days of the Obama Administration and with anticipation about the forthcoming presidency of Donald Trump. No matter your politics, though, we all agree that terrorist acts like the one on Sunday – killing four young Israeli Defense Forces soldiers – are completely heartbreaking. How can we pave the road to peace when street attacks, including vehicle rammings, have killed 37 Israelis and two Americans over the past 15 months alone?

memorial serviceAs our global Jewish community prays for the victims’ families and for the full and speedy recovery of those injured, I joined my colleagues today for a memorial service at the site of yesterday’s terrorist attack in Jerusalem. Four beautiful, young lives tragically lost. Young Israelis built a makeshift memorial. A freshly painted sign reads, “Never Again”. Zichrona l’vracha, may their memory be for a blessing.





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