• Join us for the trip of a lifetime!

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  • Discover Israel on a 10 day adventure

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Frequently Asked Questions


Is it really FREE?


Is this trip for observant Jews ONLY?


Is it SAFE?


What do I PACK?


Do I really get to ride a CAMEL?


For answers to all of you questions, email Erica Evans at Erica@jffs.org or call 949-435-3484


You may also look forward to having your questions answered at the Pre-Trip Orientation and Pre-Trip Meetups!


CLICK HERE to find the DATE and TIME for both the Participant and Parent Pre-Trip Orientations!


Pre-Trip Orientation
There will be a pre-trip orientation led by The OC Way staff to fully prepare you for your experience and to answer any questions you have prior to departure. What to pack, what to expect, where will we visit, how do I extend my trip, etc. Of course, if you have any questions prior to the orientation, you are welcome to ask Adam@jffs.org.


Pre-Trip Meetups
We understand that traveling to a different country with 40 people that you don’t know can be intimidating. As such, we wish to make the process all the more comfortable by providing Pre-Trip Meetups, where you can meet the staff and all of the other participants in a relaxed setting. Once it’s time for the trip, you’ll have had the chance to build a level of comfort with those you’re traveling with.


Or, CLICK HERE for an extensive list of answers.