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The Mentorship Initiative of Jewish Federation & Family Services (JFFS) is a unique combination of networking and mentorship through the use of relationship building within the Orange County Jewish community. The Network and NextGen departments of JFFS are proud to offer this exclusive opportunity with the purpose of enhancing the development of future young adult leaders within Jewish Orange County.  


Networking – Building relationships and a sense of community among the participants within the same cohort.

Mentorship – Experienced leaders with different professions and backgrounds who also hold a leadership role on a JFFS, Community Partner, Jewish organization, or congregational board, will serve as role models to younger members of the community to offer ongoing professional, personal and philanthropic guidance.

Philanthropy – Through this journey, young adults will learn about the importance of financially sustaining the Orange County Jewish community into the future and will select an ongoing service project to implement together.

How it works:


Mentees will be asked to complete an application and submit a professional resume and cover letter to be considered for participation.


Matching Process

A committee of JFFS professionals and lay leadership (the steering committee) will review applications and provide mentors with candidates to review. Mentors will select the mentees that they would like to develop. Matches will be made based on the combined goals and expected outcomes of the mentor and mentee.


Learning and Exploring Sessions

Mentors and mentees will be asked to gather four times over the course of a year to learn and explore Jewish leadership and Jewish community together. In addition to these formal gatherings, mentors and mentees will be asked to meet five more times throughout the course of the year to build their relationships through shared experiences (i.e. office meetings, business meetings, community events, lunch appointments, Shabbat dinners, etc.).



The Application Process:

Mentees from any field of industry, profession, or occupation are welcome to apply for the Mentorship Initiative of JFFS, provided they are between the ages of 22-35. Mentees must demonstrate clear goals and objectives for both their career and for the Mentorship Initiative program. All applicants must commit to attending all meetings and events and successfully complete the program.


Please fill out the Mentorship Initiative Application to the best of your ability and include detailed responses. This application will be used to determine each prospective mentee’s eligibility for the program and will additionally be the primary resource used in facilitating the matching process between mentors and mentees.




Interested in learning more before applying? Contact Stephanie Epstein at 949.435.3484 ext. 278 or Stephanie@JFFS.org


**Please note that not all applicants will be selected for the first cohort. The Mentorship Initiative will be attempting to match 15-20 mentees and mentors in one-on-one mentoring relationships in its flagship year. Therefore, depending upon the career fields and particular skill-sets of our mentors, we may not be able to find an appropriate match for all applicants.