Papercut Demonstration 
eaturing artist
Lorraine Bubar

Wednesday, April 10
6:00 p.m. Wine and hors d’oeuvres
7:00 p.m. Program
Chemers Gallery, 17300 17th Street, Suite G, Tustin

Space is limited.

This event is open exclusively to Lions of Judah and Pomegranates who contribute $1,800 or more to Jewish Federation in 2024.

Jane Brenner and Barby Schwid
Event Co-Chairs

Paula Greenberger
Vice President, Women’s Philanthropy

Andrea Alfi
President, Women’s Philanthropy

Jahanna Semelroth, Director of Women’s Philanthropy | 949-531-3166

Lorraine Bubar Biography

Lorraine Bubar is a native of Los Angeles and received her B.A. from U.C.L.A. She studied animation at Yale University and her short independent films showed in animation festivals around the world. Lorraine worked for many years in the animation industry, on animated television commercials, special effects, and feature film titles. During that time, she exhibited her watercolor paintings in numerous art exhibitions. These narrative paintings reflected the animation sensibilities of movement and metamorphosis and her interest in nature and storytelling. She taught animation at community college and drawing and painting to middle and high school students. 
Lorraine became interested in papercutting when she realized that so many cultures around the world, ranging from Eastern Europe and China to Mexico, utilize some form of papercutting. As a world traveler, she has always been fascinated with what art forms or “folk art” local artisans create. Papercuts have been created as calendars, to mark births and deaths such as for Day of the Dead, and in Judaic tradition they hung in homes and in synagogues to decorate for holidays. Her papercutting connects her to this extensive cultural heritage, as well as actually utilizing papers created in Asian countries that she has traveled in. Papercutting is an art form that crosses the boundaries of culture, art, and craft.  Lorraine turned in her paintbrush for an x-acto knife and the papercuts are kaleidoscopes of bold color, texture, and depth. Her papercuts reflect the hierarchy of nature, capturing the flora and fauna in diverse ecosystems, including in numerous National Parks where she has been the Artist in Residence.  Other scenes illustrate the chaos of urban landscapes, including construction and freeway interchanges.  She has exhibited her papercuts in numerous exhibits including in Germany, China, Lithuania, and Switzerland.  Cutting with an x-acto knife, Lorraine creates images composed of layers of paper and layers of meaning.