Key Messages

When you are engaging in advocacy, it can help to have some language to use as a starting point. Below are some suggestions to use as you reflect on what you want to say in your own voice.  

Note that this page may be updated as the situation evolves.  

Regarding the Conflict 

“Hamas has broken ceasefires twice in the past few months. They killed mothers, children, and the elderly, and are still holding hostages. A ceasefire is not one-sided and must start with Hamas releasing the hostages, laying down their arms, turning in those responsible for October 7, and allowing Israelis to be safe in their homes.” 


“If we are to have the lasting peace we all want, Hamas must be disarmed and disbanded so they cannot attack Israel again and again murder so many mothers, children, and grandparents.” 

“We share in the grief for the loss of lives in the region. Our goal is a lasting peace and one that allows all people to live safely.”

“We ask everyone to join us in our call for Hamas to release all hostages and to lay down their arms so that the work of creating a lasting peace can begin.”  

Increasing Antisemitism 

“Sadly, we’re witnessing a rapid increase in Jew hatred in Orange County – threats and violence against Jewish people, institutions, and Jewish-owned businesses. Hamas supporters, their rallies, and their targeting of Jews doesn’t do anything to advance peace.”

“We know Americans reject hatred and extremism and we invite all people to join us in taking action against antisemitism – so that Jews can feel safe in our community and in schools and public spaces.”

“We will work with everyone who believes in peace to make it clear that in Orange County we will not stand for antisemitism and racism.”