About Women's Philanthropy


JFFS’ Women’s Philanthropy is a dynamic group of women who fundraise and volunteer for our community and Israel. Women’s Philanthropy offers opportunities to do the extraordinary with the added benefit of strong links: links to community, lasting friendships, doing good for others, and more.


Women’s Philanthropy:


  • is a gateway for women’s leadership, empowerment and philanthropy;
  • is a place where women come together to put into practice our shared values of tikkun olam (repairing the world), tzedakah (justice), rachamim (compassion) and chesed (loving kindness);
  • believes that every woman is a philanthropist and that the development of philanthropy is the creation of a better world;
  • believes that philanthropic lives create legacies;
  • links women, educates leaders, motivates and enables collaboration;
  • encourages women to seize initiative and turn their talents and energies to helping their people and their community;
  • is a place of exalted fervor, boundless optimism and hope, and a dream of being part of something that will permanently alter people’s lives for good.


As part of a vibrant and vital community of women, we will continue to grow together, to learn from each other, to appreciate our diversity and treasure our shared values as we strive for tikkun olam.


Why a Woman's Investment?

Women’s Philanthropy believes passionately in the importance of every woman’s individual philanthropic investment. Here are a few reasons:


  • Your philanthropic commitment - whether it’s $18, $180, $1,800 or more - is a powerful statement of personal responsibility for the needs of our Jewish community.
  • Our collective power, credibility and influence are enhanced by your individual philanthropic investment.
  • As a (grand) mother, a daughter or a sister, your personal philanthropy serves as an example of putting values into action and doing good for the world.


Last year in Orange County, Women’s Philanthropy raised over $1.1 million dollars! Nationally, women contribute a total of $130 million through Federations like ours.

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