The Rose Project of Jewish Federation of Orange County is thrilled to partner with Enter: the Jewish Peoplehood Alliance on One2One, an exciting new pilot program for Jewish teens in OC and Israel.


One2One is an online, individualized mifgash (relationship building) program for Israeli and Diaspora teens. One2One seeks to:

  • Raise awareness and promote unity and mutual responsibility among Jewish teens
  • Strengthen Jewish people literacy
  • Develop task-based collaborative skills


OC teens will be matched with Israeli teens with similar interests for five, 30-minute, one-on-one virtual meetings between February and May 2021. Thematic tracks include history, art & music, sports, and science & technology. There will also be one preparatory meeting and an exit interview.


If you are a high school student and want to connect to an Israeli teen who shares your interests, now is your chance! You are invited to join One2One and create a new connection.


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For more information contact Lisa Armony, Director, Rose Project

What are the goals of One2One?

One2One seeks to build connections between Jewish high school students from Israel and around the world. By raising awareness of, and teaching about, Jewish values like “mutual responsibility” (arvut hadadit in Hebrew), the program aims to strengthen Jewish peoplehood literacy.


Who are the participants?

High school students from Israel and from English speaking countries, including Canada, South Africa, the U.S. and the U.K.  Israeli participants are primarily advanced English language students in grades 10-12.   About a dozen Israeli high schools are participating from across the country, including schools in Haifa, Nahariya, Netivot, Netanya, Beer Sheva, and Ashkelon just to name a few.


How does One2One work?

Each Israeli student will be matched with one student from the Diaspora for a series of five online meetings over a 2-3 month period.  Each meeting will last for 30-minutes.  Students will follow a suggested program, discuss areas of mutual interest, learn about each other’s lives and together create a culminating project. The sessions will be conducted in English. Depending on participants recruitment platform, there may be an additional orientation or culminating meeting.


Who is organizing One2One?

One2One is co-sponsored by the Israeli Ministries of Education and Diaspora Affairs and Enter: the Jewish Peoplehood Alliance, a new start-up funded by Israeli and Diaspora philanthropists. It is being run in partnership with local Jewish communities, denominational and national organizations from the English-speaking Jewish Diaspora.


When does the program begin?

One2One’s inaugural mifgashim are set to take place in early 2021 as part of a pilot program.


Is there a fee to participate?

No. The program is being offered at no charge to participants and partner organizations.


Who is developing the content for One2One?

Enter’s staff and educational consultants are taking the lead in content development, in collaboration with professionals in the two ministries and in consultation with professionals in participating partner organizations. The lead content creator, Dr. Noga Cohavi, has many years of experience leading content development on Jewish peoplehood in the Israeli public education system.


How is the program being supervised?

Participants will receive briefing materials in advance through their school or recruitment platform.  Some partner organizations may choose to meet with their participants before the first encounter. Participants will be required to agree to a set of expectations and guidelines.

Most of the participants’ time will be spent in an individualized one-on-one pairing using a secure communications platform based on Google Meet and developed with the support of the Israeli Ministry of Diaspora Affairs.


Can participants continue to meet and stay in touch after the program ends? Are there extended engagement opportunities?

Participants are not required to commit to follow-on engagement, but are invited to do so at their discretion. Enter and the partner organizations will facilitate the sharing of contact information and, on a case-by-case basis, may be able to arrange follow-on contact via future encounter and immersive programs.



For participants:

When will sessions be held? What should I do if I miss a session or if I’m not comfortable with my pairing?

When registering on the platform, each teen will be able to choose the dates most convenient for them. Sessions are expected to take place on Sundays. If a session is missed, participants will be able to reschedule the meeting. If they miss two sessions or more, they will not be able to complete the series and will not continue in the program. If any participant decides they are not comfortable with their pairing, there will be protocols for contacting program staff and requesting a re-match.

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