A Dedicated Promise to Generations Ahead

For Families Raising Jewish Kids Ages 0-12

Enchanting moments unfold as parents engage in storytelling sessions with their little ones. Through PJ Library, carefully selected, acclaimed storybooks and interactive experiences are offered to children from infancy to age 12. This initiative ignites profound discussions and creates avenues to embark on a journey of exploring and cherishing Jewish heritage collectively.

By supporting PJ Library, we enable nearly 1800 children to receive monthly book deliveries, allowing them to delve into Jewish narratives that embody cherished values and traditions. 

Beyond nurturing creativity and laying essential foundations for literacy, we orchestrate hands-on events throughout the year, fostering a sense of community among young families.

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Free Jewish books for kids 0-8

PJ OurWay

Free Jewish books ages 9-12

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PJ Our Way Book Club

PJ Our Way is the next chapter of PJ Library for kids ages 9-12.

Every month, readers can log onto pjourway.org and choose the Jewish-themed middle-grade book they'd like to get in the mail. Their selection includes fantasy, historical fiction, mysteries, biographies, graphic novels, and more. Kids can also get helpful book recommendations from other kids, write reviews, take polls, and earn achievement badges.

Our PJ Our Way Book Club in Orange County meets every third Sunday.

We hope you join us! Each child receives a free copy of the book (1 per participating kid!). Together, we'll enjoy activities, conversation, and snacks all themed around our book!

Contact Shoshana Levine, NextGen & PJ Library Manager to join!

PJ Welcome Baby

Jewish Federation of Orange County is very excited to celebrate the arrival of new Jewish babies to our community and to
support those families raising them! 

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Use this form to sign up to receive a Welcome Baby Bag courtesy of the Jewish Federation of Orange County and our
greater Jewish community for you or someone you know in OC! 

Meet Our PJ Staff

Shoshana Levine
Manager, NextGen & PJ Library
949-435-3484, ext. 357

Stephanie Leger
PJ Library Parent Connector 

Livi Norton 
PJ Library Parent Connector

Jessica Surfas
PJ Library Baby Connector


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