Thank you to all who attended the summit on Tuesday, August 30, 2022

Antisemitism – the hatred of, and bigotry toward, Jews, is at historically high levels in Orange County, across the U.S., and around the world.  At the same time, other forms of hate crimes and incidents have likewise spiked in recent years.  


This is not a coincidence.  

History shows us time and again that antisemitism is closely linked to other forms of hate and that increasing rates of anti-Jewish activity threaten every community in society as well as our democratic institutions. In other words, when it comes to antisemitism, we all have skin in the game. We therefore need communal strategies to counter antisemitism and the collective threat it poses to our community.

Driving Out Darkness is a one-day, immersive learning experience for leaders across all sectors of our Orange County community, including civic, government, non-profit, faith-based, education, media and law enforcement. 

The summit will bring together national and local leaders to:

- Educate the community about the history of antisemitism and its current and complex manifestations

- Explore the relationship between antisemitism, other forms of hate, and threats to democracy

- Provide tools and develop strategies to combat anti-Jewish and other forms of hate

- Engage with stakeholders to leverage our collective resources to foster lasting partnerships and collaborations


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This program is partially funded by grants from the Jewish Community Foundation Orange County and Jewish Federations of North America.