1 2022

CSP: Virtual Walking Tour of Jewish Budapest

9:30AM - 10:30AM  

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n a city that has seen extremes of both ruin and redevelopment in the last 100 years, Budapest’s Jewish Quarter is a perfect depiction of past and present cohabiting and is a must-see for its unique contrasts of old and new–and sometimes, old as new. The Jewish Quarter is a network of lively, connecting streets that sit in amongst the central VII district, a neighborhood scattered with historical relics, as well as all manner of trendy drinking holes buried within the ruins of the old city. On this live, virtual walking tour with our guide Agi Antal, we’ll explore the heart of the historic Jewish quarter of Pest, visit the neighborhood’s “Golden Triangle” and get an introduction to the main synagogues, including an outside visit of the magnificent Dohany Street Synagogue, Europe’s largest. We’ll explore the origins of Pest’s Jewish community and will learn why its congregations separated and the differences between the Neolog and Orthodox communities. And we’ll hear the stories of some of the Righteous Among the Nations who saved Jews in Budapest during the Holocaust. You’ll be fascinated by the rich heritage of this thriving community, still 100,000 strong.

Sponsor: Community Scholar Program (CSP)