19 2024

CSP: Green Commemorations: Towards New Strategies of Public Memory

10:00AM - 11:00AM  

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Green Commemorations: Towards New Strategies of Public Memory with Dr. Alexandra Janush

In her presentation, Aleksandra (Ola) Janus will explore innovative strategies for commemorating Holocaust sites, focusing on integrating green spaces and ecological sustainability. Addressing the challenge of caring for forgotten graves of Holocaust victims in Polish cities and villages, the non-profit ""Zapomniane"" (meaning ""forgotten"") plays a key role in rediscovering and respectfully commemorating these sites in collaboration with local communities. Janus' approach emphasizes environmental sustainability through the use of local materials and technology, artistic and architectural quality, and a strong scientific foundation. This new method of remembrance advocates for community-based processes that incorporate diverse voices and stakeholders, blending cultural and artistic mediation into both urban and rural landscapes. rural environments that include various stakeholders and a variety of voices into the process.

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Sponsor: Orange County Community Scholar Program (CSP)