31 2023

CSP: Tradition, Tenacity, and Time Virtual Journey Through Jewish Belarus

12:30PM - 1:30PM  

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Part 2 - A Tapestry of Tradition, Tenacity, and Time A Virtual Journey Through Jewish Belarus with Evgenia Kempinski

Join us for an enriching two-part virtual tour of Belarus, a land steeped in Jewish heritage, history, and heart. Once home to nearly a million Jews, Belarus has been a cornerstone of Jewish life for over four centuries. From the Shtetls to Synagogues, from Yiddishland to the remarkable lineage of Rabbis, artists, scholars, and everyday heroes, discover how our ancestors thrived even amidst adversity. Don't miss this immersive experience, where we'll dive deep into the facets of life that shaped the Jewish communities of Belarus: their customs, family life, education, jobs, and even the political and religious conflicts that shaped them. Prepare to walk the virtual cobblestones of a land that still echoes with the voices of our ancestors.

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Sponsor: OC Community Scholar Program