30 2020

Your Spiritual Toolkit in This Time of Crises with Rabbi Jill Zimmerman

4:00PM - 5:00PM  

Path With Heart 24001 CALLE DE LA MAGDALENA CA
Laguna Hills, CA 92654-9998

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$ Cost $ 45.00

A 3-session course with Rabbi Jill on how to stay spiritually grounded during these anxious times.

Each session will include:
-- A short guided meditation
-- Simple soul-warming perspectives and practices
-- Heart-filled poetry
-- Your questions

You are right to be concerned. But know that panic is optional. In fact, being in a state of sustained fear and anxiety is neither healthy nor helpful. 

We are swimming in a soup of uncertainty and fear.

It is essential to learn how to create an inner calm place (see photo to the right) and strategies to stay spiritually grounded. 

You will learn simple effective approaches to take care of your heart and gain new perspectives that help keep your body and mind more still

ALSO: Each session will be RECORDED so that if you can’t make it LIVE (online) you can watch or listen at your convenience.