11 2017

The Challenges of a Jewish Democratic State

9:15AM - 1:00PM  

Temple Beth El of South Orange County 2A Liberty
Aliso Viejo, CA 92656

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Join us for a special Shabbat morning with guest speakers Ulfat Haider & Asaf Ron from Beit HaGefen Arab-Jewish Cultural Center.  Kiddush luncheon and presentation with homemade Israeli dishes following services.

Beit HaGefen Arab-Jewish Cultural Center. The city of Haifa is unusual in the Israeli human landscape, offering an intercultural expanse that constitutes a model for building a shared society of Jews and Arabs, veteran Israelis and immigrants from the East and from the West. Founded in 1963, Beit HaGefen is a cultural center which seeks to create shared egalitarian spaces that contain the variety of identities and cultures in Haifa, and in Israel in general. Activities and mission are based on the belief that interpersonal acquaintanceship and an encounter with another culture and its narratives are essential for breaking down barriers and building trust. Beit HaGefen does so through cultural encounters and creating a space and forum for people and artists to represent their identities and narratives through art and dialogue.

Sponsor: Presented by the Orange County Community Scholar Program