2 2016

Light It Up Blue, An Autism Awareness Day Commemoration

" Time: A.M. Activities: 10:30 am Sensational Story Time, 11:00 am Smart Art, & 11:30 am Growing Up Great Games

P.M. Activities: 3:00 pm Sensational Story Time

Pretend City colors the city blue today! For the 2nd year, Pretend City Children’s Museum will participate in the Autism Speaks Light It Up Blue initiative that helps shine light on Autism Awareness. Guests will walk into a blue-lit city all month long as we stand in support of families who experience the gifts and challenges of having a child on the spectrum. Specially designed activities will help to support the cause and educate families:

Sensational Story Time: These stories encourage children to be mindful and patient of the differences that exist and to also appreciate the positive contribution that a child with autism can make to the group. Stories such as In My World and Ian’s Walk will engage children.

Smart Art: Art It Up Blue! All day in the art studio your child will participate in blue themed activities from sponge painting, to Blue Nacht art inspired by Paul Klee, and even a blue sensory bin full of blue things to touch and explore.

Growing up Great Games: We need your help putting some big floor puzzles together in our Pretend City Library. Help us find where all the pieces go and we can work together as a team to complete them before the timer runs out!

Grown-up Tip: Show your support by wearing blue today! Visit the Autism Speaks website to learn more about this special day and ways that you can show your support through donations, events, and more."