26 2018

Friendship Circle - Teen Volunteers for Special Needs Programs

11:00AM - 1:00PM  

Location provided upon RSVP

Contact Helen Cohen

Make a difference in the life of a special needs child! Teens interested in volunteering with special needs individuals should attend this program. Friendship Circle pairs teen volunteers with special needs children, teens and adults for a variety of social and recreational programming.

Teens have amazingly fun times and are rewarded with incredible feelings of accomplishment. Besides being a friend to a special child or young adult that really needs it, they make new friends of the other volunteers who share in the knowledge that giving to others makes them feel better about themselves!

Join us for trampolining and a brunch buffet. We will also be reviewing techniques to help you in your work with the children, teen and young adults with special needs.

Please contact or call (949) 721-9800 for more information.