29 2022

CSP: Why is this Night Different from All Others? 3 Passover Prep Sessions

12:30PM - 1:30PM  

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Why is this Night Different from All Others? Three Sessions in Preparation for Passover with Burt Visotzky

"Seder and Symposium
Tuesday March 29, 2022
Hearkening back to our Aphrodite series, Prof. Visotzky will talk about how the Passover Seder is modeled on the Greco-Roman Symposium banquet. From Kiddush through Hallel, we will trace the Hellenistic aspects of our Passover celebration.

Tidbits for Your Seder
Wednesday March 30, 2022
We will study stories from the ancient rabbis and Midrashim NOT found in your Haggadahs, so that you can bring something new, yet traditional, to your own Passover Seder. The frogs will be hopping!

Haggadah Study
Thursday March 31, 2022
We read the Haggadah every year, but few understand how the core of the Seder -- the Maggid section -- actually works. We will study the text to see how the rabbis expand the Exodus story from the thumb-nail in Deuteronomy 26 (and why THAT text?) to the fullness of the redemption narrative. If you ask, Prof. Visotzky will also regale you about his work consulting with DreamWorks on the 1998 animated feature, Prince of Egypt."

Sponsor: Community Scholar Program (CSP)