9 2020

CSP: What’s a Nice Boy doing in a crazy place like this?

12:30PM - 1:30PM  

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What’s a Nice Boy from a Beautiful Place like that doing in a crazy place like this? [Israel Trip Re-Orientation]"What’s a Nice Boy from a Beautiful Place like that doing in a crazy place like this?
[Israel Trip Re-Orientation]

Mike was born in Canada and made Aliyah in 1988. Before making Aliyah, he completed his BA degree at York University, Toronto in History and began his MA degree in Middle
Eastern Studies at Tel Aviv University. He completed his MA from the Cambridge Center for Jewish-Christian Relations in 2008. Jewish education has always been Mike’s passion and he began to guide in 1994. From 2001 – 2004, he was a Jewish Agency educational emissary in Great Britain for the Federation of Zionist Youth. He was also a consultant to the “Israel Experience” and helped British youth movements and organizations design new programs and construct their educational storyline for their short-term summer Israel programs. Mike’s diverse and extensive experiences and opportunities have influenced his ability to provide a rich Israel experience to a wide range of groups, including Federations, Birthright, Interfaith groups, political groups, congregational trips, families, adults and more. His areas of expertise include history, politics, Middle Eastern and interfaith studies. Mike is married to Michele and has 3 Israeli-born children. When not guiding, he enjoys running, reading, and music.

Sponsor: Community Scholar Program (CSP)