23 2020

CSP: The Politics of Survival: Jordan - OMS Liptz

12:15PM - 1:15PM  

Las Lomas Community Center 10 Federation Way
Irvine, CA 92602

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19th Annual CSP One Month Scholar
Fulfilling the Dream: The Fascinating Story of Modern Israel - Prof. Paul Liptz
Dedicated in Honor of Roz and Elliot Vogelfanger
Supported by an Impact Grant from
Jewish Federation & Family Services Orange County
and a generous grant from the Jewish Community Foundation of Orange County

Thursday Brown Bag Lunch Series: Israel's Neighbors: Nationalism and Religion in a Complex Region
January 9, 16 & 23

“Paul Liptz, a social historian, was on the Tel Aviv University faculty for 40 years, teaching graduate and undergraduate students in the Department of Middle East and African History and the International School, where he dealt with a wide range of topics. His main interests are History of the Yishuv [Pre-State], the Modern State of Israel and Arab Women and Nationalism in the Middle East. He taught graduate students at the Hebrew Union College for 25 years as well as at the Conservative movement seminary in Jerusalem, dealing with modern Jewish history, Israeli society and the contemporary Middle East. In the Israeli army reserves, he lectured officers and non-commissioned officers on non-military realms. He is still active in Israel and is involved in various academic and educational fields. In the last few decades, he has travelled the world extensively, lecturing and conducting workshops in some twenty countries. He has also been a visiting scholar with many American groups in Central and Eastern Europe. Paul was born in Rhodesia (Zimbabwe) and came as a volunteer to Israel one day before the Six Day War on June 4, 1967. He decided to stay in Israel, married Brenda and they have 4 children and 11 grandchildren.”

3. The Politics of Survival: Jordan. Transjordan was created by Britain as a show of gratitude to the Hashemites who were then in Saudi Arabia. Since the 1920s this small kingdom, placed between Israel, Saudi Arabia, Iraq and Syria, has played a delicate game to ensure its survival. The Hashemite minority control the country where the largest group are Palestinians who have not always accepted the status quo. As part of its regional struggle, this poor country signed a peace agreement with Israel in 1994.

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