15 2021

CSP: Passion, Beauty, Heartbreak: Israel: Poetry, Music-Yom Ha’atzmaut

12:30PM - 1:30PM  

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The Passion, The Beauty, The Heartbreak: Israel Through Poetry and Music (CSP Yom Ha’atzmaut Event)

"Join us for a three part series with Dr. Julia Wagner, live from the UK, as we examine the evolution of the ""Jewish American Princess"" character-type in film and television, from its misogynistic origins to unlikely heroines. Dr. Wagner will draw together the themes of the three lectures outlined below to ask how Jewish women on screen can assert their independence and effect social change. How do the characters portray female power, money and privilege, duty and loyalty, personal responsibility and social conscience? By analyzing representative movies and television series from a feminist perspective, we will see how and why Jewish American Princess heroines might challenge negative stereotypes and provide positive images of Jewish women.

MISOGYNISTIC ORIGINS – We explore the cultural environment which gave rise to the negative stereotype of the Jewish American Princess and look at some early representations in popular culture."

Sponsor: Community Scholar Program (CSP)