7 2020

CSP: New Insights on Archaeology of Jerusalem - Recent Excavations

12:30PM - 1:30PM  

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"Dr. Joe Uziel, live from Jerusalem
New Insights on the Archaeology of Jerusalem Based on Recent Excavations
Dedicated in honor of Ahuva Ho

For over 150 years, archaeologists have been working in Jerusalem's ancient core, trying to piece together the puzzle of its past. With an array of historical sources mentioning and describing Jerusalem, and the archaeological data uncovered by past scholars and explorers, it would seem that the chronicles of Jerusalem have been set in stone. Yet, the opposite is true - there are still so many questions, gaps in understanding and debates regarding the history and its people. In our program, recent discoveries from excavations in ancient Jerusalem - the City of David and the area of the Western Wall of the Temple Mount - will be presented, focusing on what these remains contribute to the questions still left open and how we now see Jerusalem's millennia-long history. Dr. Joe Uziel is an archaeologist at the Israel Antiquities Authority, Jerusalem District, where he has excavated in the City of David, Davidson Center and Western Wall Tunnels. Joe completed his PhD at Bar Ilan University on the Middle Bronze Age in the southern Coastal Plain, and now focuses his research on the history and archaeology of Jerusalem, from its earliest urban establishment some 4000 years ago, and until late antiquity. Joe has advanced methods applied in the field, using new technologies in order to learn about Jerusalem's ancient population through the application of new tools. Recent discoveries made by Joe and his teams in the field include buildings dating from the First Temple Period, the main street of Second Temple Jerusalem and a Roman theater-like structure, the first such building to be discovered in Jerusalem. Recently, Joe has taken the position of the head of the Dead Sea Scrolls Unit at the IAA.

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