25 2020

CSP: Ishay Ribo: Music to One's Ear and Heart

12:30PM - 1:30PM  

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CSP Israel Music Program
with Shalom Orzach, live from Israel
Ishay Ribo: Music to One's Ear and Heart

Dedicated in honor of Rabbi Stuart Light

Ishay Ribo (ישי ריבו) is 30 years old, and until a few years ago he was a minor act on the Israeli music scene. Then came his big break, in 2014, when Idan Raichel, a pop star regarded as one of Israel’s most creative and popular musicians, as well as a taste maven with the ability to launch careers, invited Ribo on stage to play a song. Ribo is Sephardi but appeals to the entire mishmash of Israeli society – Ashkenazim, chassidim, unidentified. He is a yeshivah graduate who wears a big black kippah and long tzitzis, yet secular Tel Avivans sing along to his songs with the same gusto that Chareidim from Beit Shemesh do. He is a former singer in the army band who was invited to perform at both Israel’s nationally televised Independence Day celebration and its Memorial Day commemoration. To date, he has released four albums – one of which went platinum, two of which went gold – and has recorded duets with a gamut of Israeli pop stars, from legend Shlomo Artzi to Chassidic star Motti Steinmetz to pop king Omer Adam; is an Israeli singer-songwriter. He has become an intrinsic part of a fascinating phenomenon that brings traditional texts and ideas into the mainstream Israeli popular music scene. In this session, we will study the lyrics of three songs - Seder Ha'avoda, Halev Sheli, and Keter Melucha - and enjoy the music that is enriching Jewish renewal in such a prayerful and playful way.

Sponsor: Community Scholar Program (CSP)