29 2021

CSP: In Green Room with 3 of the Greatest Living Israeli Musicians (Pt 1) 

12:00PM - 1:00PM  

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In the Green Room with Three of the Greatest Living Israeli Musicians (Part 1) with David Broza and Danny Maseng

Join us on Sunday August 29, 2021 at Noon PDT/ 3:00 PM EDT for a conversation between Danny Maseng and David Broza, one of Israel's most preeminent and popular musicans. An international recording star and poet whose songwriting inspiration stems from his eclectic roots — Spanish, Israeli, American, you name it — Broza is committed to the idea that music is a platform for dialogue and tolerance. Broza’s charismatic, vibrant, and passionate energy is far-reaching and carries global impact. His presence as an entertainer, industry innovator and humanitarian continues to inspire and ignite meaningful listening for all generations. The program is the first of a 3-part series of conversations with three legends of Israeli music. We will explore the background, influences and musical styles of each musician - and through each musician examine social and political challenges of the modern State of Israel.

Sponsor: Community Scholar Program (CSP)