15 2017

CSP-First & Oldest Jewish Seminary in America: Hebrew Union College

7:15PM - 8:30PM  

Temple Bat Yahm 1011 Camelback Street
Newport Beach, CA 92660

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Rabbi Adam Mintz
16th Annual CSP Summer Scholar
(Aug 14-17, 2017 - see other dates for additional topics, dates)

Hebrew Union College was founded in Cincinnati in 1875 by Rabbi Isaac Mayer Wise. It was envisioned as the rabbinical seminary for all American Jews, regardless of denomination. Following the infamous Treifah Banquet in 1883, HUC split from traditional Judaism and continued as the Reform rabbinical seminary. This lecture will provide three snapshots of the history and religious culture of this institution.


Adam Mintz, a Modern Orthodox rabbi in NYC, believes that the greatest challenge facing 21st century Jewry is the creation of educated Jews who understand that the key to the Jewish future is the appreciation of the Jewish past. Toward this goal, Rabbi Mintz teaches Jewish history, law &  thought in a variety of venues. He is an Adjunct Associate Professor of Jewish Studies at City College, New York and a member of the Talmud faculty at Yeshivat Maharat. He is the rabbi and founder of Kehilat Rayim Ahuvim, a Modern Orthodox synagogue in Manhattan.


$10.00 per person for each event or $36 for all four  Free to CSP $180+ Members with RSVP before August 10, 2017 Special rates for TBY members

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