21 2019

CSP: Etrog: How A Chinese Fruit Became a Jewish Symbol: Moster

12:00PM - 1:30PM  

Las Lomas Community Center 10 Federation Way
Irvine, CA 92603

Contact Arie Katz
(949) 682-4040

$ Cost $ 18.00

Brown Bag Lunch

Etrog: How A Chinese Fruit Became a Jewish Symbol - Rabbi Dr. David Moster
The Etrog is one of Judaism’s oldest and most important ritual objects and symbols. In this presentation with dozens of images, we will explore how the fruit made its way from China to Israel, how it changed the holiday of Sukkot, and how it became the only distinctively Jewish symbol during the Roman and Byzantine periods.

$18 per person general admission, $36 at the door
(Free to CSP 5780 Members with reservations by November 18, 2019)

Sponsor: Community Scholar Program (CSP)