10 2020

CSP: East European Art in the Land of Israel-Prof. Shalom Sabar

10:00AM - 11:00AM  

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CSP Distance Learning Program
Featuring Prof. Shalom Sabar, live from Israel
East European Art in the Land of Israel

Dedicated in honor of Beverly and Jake Jacobs

Prior to the First Zionist Aliyah (1881-1903), the small and poor Jewish population of Palestine lived according to the norms of any traditional Jewish society in the Diaspora. The most dominant groups were Sephardi Jews who immigrated from various parts of the Ottoman Empire and the Ashkenazim who arrived from Poland and other countries of Eastern Europe - each bringing its traditions, customs, rituals, language, food, costumes, and visual culture. However, the interactions between the communities and the local population, as well as life in the vicinity of holy sites and monuments influenced and modified these traditions. In the lecture, we will examine how the rich visual culture of the East European shtetls was continued on the one hand in the old city of Jerusalem, and on the other underwent most curious changes and adaptations to the local norms, influenced not only even by Sephardi culture but even Muslim. The results of these interactions and avoiding figurative imagery have shaped the approach of the local Ultra-Orthodox to the visual to this day.

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