12 2020

CSP: Creating a Nation II, part 2 of 3: South American Jews-Liptz

12:00PM - 2:00PM  

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CSP Distance Learning Series
3-Part “Master Zoom Class” with Prof. Paul Liptz, live from Israel
Dedicated in honor of CSP Patron Phyllis Gilmore
Co-sponsored by Temple Beth Shalom of Needham, MA

Creating a Nation II

LATIN AMERICAN JEWS (Session 2 of 3)
In Israel, those Jews making Aliyah are often placed in a broad category of ""Latin Americans"" but this presentation will concentrate on Argentinians as well as relating to Brazilians and Mexicans. The Jews in all three case studies suffered due to serious political and economic situations but, by and large, developed vibrant community structures where the day schools and youth movements enabled a relatively easy integration into Israeli society. In the initial stages, kibbutzim absorbed many of them but this well-educated population soon moved to other parts of the country and have been positively identified by most Israelis for their vibrancy and initiatives.

Sponsor: Community Scholar Program (CSP) & Temple Beth Shalom of Needham, MA