27 2021

CSP: Changing Way We Read the Bible: Peter Pitzele, Father of Bibliodrama

12:30PM - 1:30PM  

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Join us for a conversation between Rabbi Elie Spitz and Peter Pitzele, the father of Bibliodrama. Called Bibliolog in much of Europe, Bibliodrama is a form of role playing or improvisational theatre using Bible stories. It can take place in any group with an interest in the Bible: synagogues, churches, seminaries, study groups, etc. In Bibliodrama the director reads through the selected text, stopping at points of interest to invite participants to step into the role of a character, or even sometimes of an object, and give it voice. Deriving from the Jewish tradition of midrash, Bibliodrama explores the unspoken in the lives of the characters, the “back story” or “subtext” in the written narrative, even the spaces between the words, to bring the Bible alive. Bibliodrama honors the written text and never contradicts the biblical account, though it deeply explores and challenges biblical meaning. It becomes a window into the Bible and at the same time becomes a mirror in which participants can recognize parts of themselves.

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