24 2017


26 2017

CSP: 13th Annual Family Retreat with Shalom Orzach


Brandeis-Bardin Campus 1101 Peppertree Lane
Brandeis, CA 93064
(805) 582-4450

Contact Arie Katz
(949) 682-4040

13th Annual CSP Weekend Family Camp
"Israel at 70: Towards a 21st Century Relationship"

Sub-topics will include:
"Every Dream Requires a Dreamer, Every Action Requires an Actor"
"Heavenly and Earthly Jerusalem - A Tale of two Cities"
"Tel Aviv- The New Old City"
"Timely Issues and Timeless Values"

Our program is open to CSP 5778 members at the cost per adult of $375/double occupancy, teens (13-17) at $250/teen, pre-teens (6-12) at $175/pre-teen and youth (3-5) at $150/child (includes 11 meals, 4+ presentations and three nights at Brandeis Bardin. There is no charge for kids under the age of 3. Teens 16 and older selected to participate as Junior Staffers, will get paid $99 and will only have to cover the cost of meals ($99).

Celebrate Thanksgiving Weekend 2017 and the Bat Mitzvah of Emmy Arenson, at Brandeis Bardin with CSP and featured scholar in residence Shalom Orzach. Take a break from all the schedules and screens and reconnect with your family on this fun-filled weekend getaway.

There will be learning opportunities, inspiring discussions, games, and projects for children (with and without their parents) and for adults. Also, plenty of quality time to interact with friends, old and new.

Programs include swimming, rock climbing, sports, art, music, dance, and even a bonfire sing-a-long complete with s'mores. In the evenings, our counselors will look after sleeping little ones so parents have time to mix and mingle at adult night activities. 

All kosher meals from Friday dinner through Sunday lunch are included with plenty of choices to keep all members of the family happy and full accommodations are available for adults and families. Each room has multiple beds, a private bathroom, air conditioning and a porch. For camp-age kids, there will also be "bunk" experiences available with dynamic counselors leading the "lights out" routine. It's a great way to try out "sleep away" camp with parents right down the road. In addition, childcare will be provided for children under 5.

Teens over the age of 15 who are selected to help as Junior Staff will each get paid $99 for their help during the weekend.


Shalom Orzach is a senior educator and consultant for the iCenter. Prior, he served as the AVI CHAI Project Director and Director of Education in the Shlichut and Israel Fellows unit for the Jewish Agency. He has a rich background in camping, running various camps in England where he grew up and later serving as the Education Director at Ramah Poconos. He has served as a consultant for the Jim Joseph Foundation and the Jewish Peoplehood Committee, and teaches a course in experiential education at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. Shalom was also a scholar on the prestigious Jerusalem Fellows Program, after which he served as the Executive Director of Jewish Renewal for United Jewish Israel Appeal (UJIA). Shalom has a strong passion for teaching, feels privileged to live in Jerusalem with his family and loves sharing stories about life in the Land of so much Promise.

Sponsor: Community Scholar Program (CSP)