22 2016

Celebrate Purim (Purim is observed on the 23rd -24th)

"Specifically for Children of all ages; Grown-ups

Purim is one of the most festive Jewish holidays of the year. The annual celebration includes eating sweets and treats, masquerades, costumes, and all sorts of merriment! In honor of this joyous occasion, visit us for fun activities that will let you share in the traditions of the holiday with your family. Activities will include:

Art Studio Sessions: It is a custom to dress up for Purim so today we will be making masks in our art studio using paper plates and various art materials.
Cooking up Cultures: Take an imaginative visit to a kosher bakery just before Purim as thousands of hamantashen, the preferred Purim treat, are prepared. See what goes into making these before tasting the delectable delights!
Smart Art: Go wild with your imagination and decorate your own Gragger. These noisemakers are an important part of the Purim holiday.
Sensational Story time: What happens When It’s Purim? Families who would like to share the heritage or introduce their children to this festival will appreciate this engaging story time.
Video Visuals: Join us in community room 2 for two videos that will educate children on Purim and what this day means to the Jewish Culture.

Don’t forget to take part in our closing Purim Day Parade! You can visit the art studio to make your very own masks to dress up your costume for this special parade.

Play Partner: Pretendgineers and Brain Builders, our experienced stage staff of trained early childhood and child development educators, grown-ups

Grown-up Tip: Amidst all the celebrating, Purim is also a time to give gifts to friends, family, and those less fortunate. Some families make mishloach manot, goodie bags filled with candy and cookies to give to friends and neighbors. Your child will see it’s just as fun to give as it is to receive when they get to make and decorate the gifts and share them with loved ones.

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