7 2016

Alexander Hamilton: The Man Behind The Musical

7:00PM - 10:00PM  

Laguna Woods Clubhouse 5 24262 Punta Alta
Gate 9
Laguna Woods, CA

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$ Cost $ 10.00

Dr Nurnberger is a widely acclaimed speaker who brings humor, relevant political insights and historical background to his presentations. 

Truth can be stranger than fiction.   Alexander Hamilton,  the man behind the musical, becomes a focus as Dr. Ralph Nurnberger looks at how politicians and campaigning have changed.  What made Hamilton the perfect hero for the hottest ticket on Broadway  -- and what does that reveal about this year's election?

Dr. Nurnberger is a professor of international relations at Georgetown University, where he has taught since 1975. Dr. Nurnberger has addressed a wide range of audiences on a variety of topics, including general American foreign policy matters, American policies in the Middle East, the history of the Middle Eastern conflict, and current American political issues, including electoral analyses, political campaigns, and matters under Congressional or Presidential consideration.  He was named Professor of the Year by the Graduate School of Liberal Studies in 2003 and received another award in 2005 for over 20 years of excellence in teaching. He teaches graduate seminars at Georgetown on the Arab-Israeli conflict.

In addition to speaking nationally and internationally, Dr. Nurnberger has appeared on radio and television programs 
as an analyst on political and international issues.  He has expanded his presentation topics to include heroes of Israel, Holocaust  and American history.


$10 plus a contribution to the Jewish Federation & Family Services

Admission includes dessert and beverage.