5 2016


6 2016

A Special Shabbaton with Beit Teshuvah

6:00PM - 9:00PM  

Temple Beth El SOC 2A Liberty
Aliso Viejo, CA 92656

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Question, “WHAT ARE YOU A SLAVE TO?” The cast of Freedom Song is not a cast of actors; they are
actual addicts in recovery that have broken off the shackles of drugs, alcohol, gambling, and other
destructive behaviors. By performing in Freedom Song, our interchanging cast members have an
opportunity to answer questions from the audience and to share their experiences on how best to
recover from a lifestyle of addiction. Using song and dance, tears and laughter, and an intense post
show discussion with our cast, Freedom Song will open your eyes to the real life struggle against the
‘bondage of self’ that we all fi ght every day.


Beit Teshuvah is a Jewish rehabilitation center for individuals struggling with substance abuse
and other addictions. Beit Teshuvah is founded on authenticity and wholeness, and integrates
spirituality, psychotherapy, Jewish teachings, the 12 Steps, and the creative arts. We have an
opportunity to experience their stories, teaching, and inspirational music throughout the weekend.

Friday, February 5th
6pm – Kabbalat Shabbat with Cantor Young and the Beit Teshuvah Band
7:30pm – Shabbat Dinner with Beit Teshuvah founders, Rabbi Mark Borovitz and
Harriett Rossetto, $20/adult RSVPs required via the temple website
Saturday, February 6th
9:30am – Jerusalem Shabbat with the Band of Milk and Honey
11:45am – Shabbat Lunch with Rabbi Paul Steinberg – “From Brokenness to Reclaiming
Hope and Courage” No charge. Please RSVP on the temple website
4:30pm - Teen Only Session – Jewish Addiction and Recovery Center
7pm – Freedom Song – A Transformational Musical
Freedom Song is a transformative musical that will shatter the myth of Jews being
immune to addiction.

Sponsor: Temple Beth El of South Orange County