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3rd Annual Temple Beth El Meditation Retreat


2A Liberty
Aliso Viejo, CA 92656

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3rd Annual Temple Beth El Meditation Retreat
February 2-4, 2018, La Casa De Maria – Santa Barbara

Cost: Single Room (1 person per room) - $495
Double Room (2 people per room) - $375
Group room (3 or more per room) - $325

Prices listed are for CASH or CHECK purchases.

Who: All temple members, age 18 and older

What: To celebrate Shabbat like the mystics of our tradition by exploring the pathways of silence, song and prayer, contemplative study, and creative expression. This retreat will also be an opportunity to connect with other members of our Temple community who are interested in exploring and sharing in a more introspective way. While this retreat is geared toward seekers who are new to meditative practice, it will also be meaningful for experienced meditators who are looking for authentic ways to express these pathways through Jewish tradition.

Where: La Casa de La Maria, Santa Barbara. Optional to take the train up to Santa Barbara and a group shuttle from the train station to the retreat center

In the Psalms it says, “For You, Silence is Praise.” Some of us are aware that the deepest truths about ourselves and our lives can only be found when our consciousness can expand beyond the distractions and the chatter of the mind. In the silence, we can open to a Loving Presence, simplify complicated situations in our lives, and discover ourselves in new and empowering ways.

Questions? Contact Rabbi K’vod at kvod@tbesoc.org or 949-362-3999 ext 106. Or go to our website and register online.

Four Worlds Meditation- Rabbi Kvod Wieder - Click Here for audio file

Neshamah Breath Meditation - Click Here for audio file