Simon, Al & Harry – The Horowitz Brothers of Garden Grove

In November of 1891 the Horowitz family of Ukraine emigrated to New York city, where they stayed for fifteen years. With seven children to care for, parents Morris and Sarah headed to Los Angeles in 1906 for work opportunities. Morris was a shirt maker and notions dealer, and three of his sons – Simon (Simche), Al (Elli) and Harry (Hirsh) followed suit, opening up the Horowitz Bros. Dry Goods store in Garden Grove in 1913. Located on Euclid, the name was later changed to The People’s Store, and Simon ran it for 10 years, until 1923. He married Lillian Schneider the same year the store opened, and their children Cecil and Velma were both born in Orange County.


Photo Caption: Orange County Business Directory, 1913-1914. The businesses highlighted in blue were also Jewish-owned.




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