Learning & Leadership


In addition to its grants to Jewish organizations and congregations throughout OC and in Israel, JFFS also offers a select number of special projects through which we seek to strengthen our community across the age spectrum.  



  • The Rose Project

    The Rose Project was established in 2008 to support and advance the Jewish experience on OC university campuses; to empower Jewish student leaders to be knowledgeable and self-sufficient; to educate and train students about the facts and myths of Israel; and to foster open communication with the broader OC community.

  • Zechter Music Center

    Fostering lasting Jewish friendships through extracurricular activity, the Zechter Music Center offers Jewish youth in our community (5th-12th grade) the extraordinary opportunity to learn to play a musical instrument, free of charge, and to participate in free or subsidized arts experiences such as symphony, chamber music and dance performances by world-class ensembles.

  • Orange County Jewish Historical Society

    A Connect 2 People Initiative of JFFS, the Orange County Jewish Historical Society works to preserve and promote public awareness of the history and contributions of the Jewish community in Orange County.