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Operation Protective Edge Day 14
July 21, 2014

Jewish communities worldwide are joining the people of Israel in mourning the tragic loss of 25 IDF soldiers killed since the start of the Gaza ground operation last week.  Dozens more have been injured.  The heavy casualty toll on the Israeli and Palestinian sides is the result of the IDF having no choice but to send soldiers on foot, house by house, in densely populated areas to find and destroy what Israelis are calling “attack tunnels.”  These long, sophisticated pathways, many of which end up underneath kibbutzim and moshavim in Israel’s south, are a horrifically dangerous threat to Israeli civilians, dug out by Hamas over months and years for the sole purpose of massacring entire communities as a step toward its long-term goal of destroying Israel.

While the IDF co
ntinues to carry out significant operations in Gaza to destroy the tunnels, our community is coming to the aid of millions of Israelis back home who remain under constant rocket fire.  Through  your generous donations to JFFS’ Israel Emergency Campaign, you are fulfilling the Jewish guiding principle of kol Yisrael arevim ze l’ze – every Jew is responsible for one another.   Here is an example of how you supported Israelis in critical need last week:

  • 25,000 children living up to 40 kilometers from the Gaza border have been sent to safer parts of the country where they can escape the stress of constant rocket fire for a day of fun and relaxation.  Among these are children who live in kibbutzim and moshavim near Hamas tunnels - children who have been confined to their homes and for whom the anxiety can be overwhelming.
  • 41 families whose homes sustained direct rocket hits were provided with emergency funds for food, clothing, medicine and other supplies.
  • 3000 new immigrants in the south – including many families from Yemen who recently arrived – received psychological counseling.
  • Music, sports and other fun activities were provided to 36,000 children in the south who have no place else to go.
  • Dozens of families with members who have special needs were moved to host families in Eilat and to hospitality centers in Jerusalem and Jaffa.

We need more funds to provide the critical aid so desperately needed for our family in Israel. 
Please click
here to make your donation to JFFS’ Israel Emergency Campaign. 
100% of your gift goes directly to Israel as JFFS is absorbing all administrative costs.

Thank you for your ongoing support. Together we pray for the safety of Israel, the IDF and Jewish communities around the world. 

Shalom C. Elcott
President & CEO

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